TWRP 3.0.2-1 for IQI I2 / Zeblaze Blitz by Ciro Danise

SP Flash tool must be a newer version, I use the v5.1620

DO NOT APPLY any OTA update after you have flashed this recovery! This could (soft)bricks your watch.
OTA updates require stock recovery.

The recovery itself is the same for both the I2 and the Blitz, but they have different partition system so they require different scatter file. I have included the proper scatter file for each watch, DON’T use the wrong scatter file.

As the Lemfo LEM3 watch is (supposedly) the same watch as the Blitz, the recovery and the scatter file for the latter should work fine on the first, but I can’t test it so I can’t suggest you to use this recovery on LEM3 also.

The recovery could work even on the KW88 watch BUT there is an unfixed issue with incorrect display rotation, so I advise you DON’T use this recovery on the KW88 watch.

To install, use the usual procedure for flashing the recovery with SP Flash Tool. Don’t do it if you are not 101% sure of what you are doing.
Make sure the option “Download only” is selected.
Usual disclaimers apply I am not responsible for anyone’s issues here. Use this at your own risk !!

After the flashing is completed, reboot your watch to access the new recovery by using the “adb reboot recovery” command.

TWRP 3.0.2-1 for IQI I2:

TWRP 3.0.2-1 for Zeblaze Blitz:

If you flash boot image from here      and Ciro’s TWRP from the post above.

Using SP Tools you will then be able to flash SuperSu .zip file and have root. Obviously you need the correct scatter file.

You only flash these two files and do not try to take OTA after. This boot image was made by lucianosplit52

over on the pro-board forum. The recovery was made by +Ciro Danise and will only work with this boot image.

When you load PT tools you need to have these two images and the scatter file all in the same folder. Select download only and NEVER flash the pre-loader.

If you are unsure about any of this or need to ask questions - you SHOULD NOT do it at all !! I accept no resposibility for your watch if you do this.