Trying out conversion to ART runtime on my X5 as it's a KK rom.

Trying out conversion to ART runtime on my X5 as it’s a KK rom. Anyone else have good results?
Also recommend OmniSwipe apk in google play. Very handy access to just about everything on the device. A lockscreen when charging and intermittently appearing when opening the watchscreen but I can live with the minor annoyance for the exceptional convenience!

Hey Edward, OnmiSwipe is pretty good! I’ve seen a few of these corner swipe ideas before, but they always seemed too small. This one actually works, even on a small watch. I’ll be featuring it in an upcoming video. Thanks for the lead on this!

Sounds great…watching your channel swayed me over to the X5 and the recent 5/24 firmware release upgrade was done watching your tutorial. Very happy for it. As for the app just have to be sure to set the trigger in the right spot and you’re golden! Keep up the great reviews and tutorials ST!

@Edward_Henry any findings from your ART trial? Differences in battery life?

@Andy_Godber Not anything remarkable yet, I actually had to root and do a build prop edit to get it to stick. As a matter of fact I did quite a few build prop edits and am waiting thru today to see how they all work out. I did find that my device never goes into deep sleep and the minimum CPU frequency is 598000khz.There is a Doze app out that does help some. We need kernel development to see any real improvement in battery I think.

@Edward_Henry When using OmniSwipe, did you make any modifications to allow adding apps into the launcher? On my D5, I can check the apps to add, but there is no visible option to save the changes. I’m using the xposed framework and OneHand Mode Premium. Even when I blacklist OmniSwipe, I don’t see an option for saving changes.

@Michael_Benson ​​​ No I couldn’t either unfortunately… even using a screen mirroring app you just can’t reach the accept/OK button on the bottom right (off screen). I have it set to display the recently used apps.

Here’s the work around I found, at least for the favorites tab. I cleared out all the ones I don’t want in favorites, then went and opened each app I want as a favorite. OmniSwipe will place them on the favorites page until all slots are taken. That way you can get your favorites on the page. I haven’t found a way to access the accept/K button either.

That is the answer! Once again you are too clever! :wink: