[Transflective screen] Why don't all smart watches come like this?

I can’t imagine not having the Transflective screen. Why is it not more common? I am outdoors a lot and even on minimum brightness can always see the screen really well.


One thing i would say is its not everyone’s favourite . I personally dont like it . But i also see your point


Yes the genesis is still my favorite under the sun. :slight_smile:


i love the genesis so much i had to get a second one when my screen cracked.

they are not easy to come by LOL

I am not sure what ill be doing if this one breaks.

@thomaschamlee you can find some on AliExpress in case your watch doesn’t work anymore.
You can find a link in my YouTube video :wink:

I have heard people trying to buy a genesis from aliexpress and it never coming. in. I dont think they really have them.

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Looking at this on Ali Express it is not a true Genesis but a nearly identical watch to the Genesis re-branded by “Allcall.” It lists as shipping with a charger dock but does not confirm if it is the same as comes with the genesis.

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I know that there are 2/16GB devices for the Chinese market that look confusingly similar to the genesis. Often the software pretends that it is a 3/32GB device. The main problem, however, is that the software is not for the European market. thus normally no google apps work, not even the playstore. And there is also no firmware that can fix this problem.

Jason placed this post on the FB page last month. “Take care of the watches… I got a feeling people will be wanting them even used. I am happy to see that the watches have lasted for a few of you. Some day when they can guarantee me that its water proof, then I will make more. Happy that everyone was at least happy with the design.”


trying to work out if the Allcall Awatch GT also has a transflective screen is not very easy from the website info…do you know if this is the case?

The specs simply list " OGS Capacitive full touch Screen" for screen type. Search for this did not turn up anything specific, I could understand. Maybe one of the moderators here might be able to help. The specs from the Genesis page definitely list the screen type as Transflective, I kept a copy of the Genesis specs.

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I have a Genesis, box, all accessories, and works perfectly. The only marks are on the screen protector. Extra metal watch bands. I really love it, but I need a slightly bigger screen. I’ve been hoping the Rollme Hero would actually be released with the larger, bezel-free screen. Tired of waiting, I bought a Kospet Prime 2. Actually it is Huge… a bit too big for me, but I’ll use it until something comes on the market that has a bigger screen than the Genesis, and smaller than the Prime 2. Any advise on selling the Genesis, or suggestions on an option for an alternative to the Prime 2 would be appreciated.

Hi John . I know what you mean about a watch inbetween the Genesis and P2 . Although not bigger have you looked at the Lemfo Lem 7 and Lemfo Lem 8 ?
I have used both and both great watches ( although dated now ) .
As for selling thats upto you :+1:

There are no notices about Rollme Hero, and only renders.
But if you see the photos, the screen have a border with roman numbers, the screen seems to be very little without this extra.

I wouldnt get excited about this watch ever appearing

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