Touchscreen unresponsive on Kospet Prime SE

My touchscreen on my kospet prime se seems to not be functioning, i can turn the watch on and can hold down the power button for the reboot screen to come on, but i cant interact with it. I would restart it but i cant click reboot. Can I use the physical buttons to reboot or is there another solution? Also i did not change any of the watch’s setting prior to it not responding. Thanks for any help!

You might flash the firmware:
' - Google Drive

Thanks for responding so quick, is there a specific thread on how to do so for my watch?

Use these and make sure you select " firmware upgrade " in flash tools

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Ok so i didn’t realize holding the power button long enough reboots the device, the touchscreen is working again. Thanks for the help!


Hi again, after a month the touchscreen stopped working again. I flashed the firmware and got it to work for a day. Stopped working again. Restarts arent doing anything, anything i can do?

If you flashed the firmware and factory reset its a hardware issue . The only other thing you can do is open up the watch and see if a connector is loose

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