Touchscreen lem x issue

Hallo everyone, where do i find a new screen for lem x? Mine doesn’t work (the right-bottom area (where is “OK”) don’t respond any touch) … i try to open it and manage the flex cable but doesn’t matter… i think only way is to change all lcd but i didn’t find anywhere…

any suggestion?

thank you in advance

Go to Aliexpress and search it - they have a lot of spare parts for all sorts

Hi Pablo, i already serached in aliexpress but none result… lem x screen no available

Wow - I am surprised.
Let me see what I can find out.

thank u pablo, u r very kind

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Cool. Thanks
I just got a reply from lemfo but if this works - great :+1:

Your version may be faster :+1:

hallo gyuri… i don’t understand ur reply and link too… anyway thank u

I think it is a place where you can buy spares.
I will wait for Lemfo price and let you know anyway.
If this link does not help you.

thx u one more time pablo

From Lemfo just now:

hi, pls take this link, take a note"screen for lemx "on the order, and add the pieces to the money that you need to pay , your order is 56$.

Yep, exactly the same link :+1:

i wrote to lemfo…thx u…

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You already know everything. You just have to pay as described.

PS Andrew my watch is LEM 12 not 13.

Hi Andrew I had same problem with my lem13. I called my supplier and he advised me that if I hold down in power button for about 5 sec (iepower off/ reboot screen), at the top of screen you can change the screen from circular to square. You can change back at any time but I find everything works.
Regards Graham

Hi Colbeck…thank u for ur reply…i saw the menu with choice: the trouble is that i cannot use the “OK” area… not touch respond so i can’t reboot…
i think its a hardware regressive issue…passing time more touchscreen area doesn’t respond…pity
i contact the lemfo: they reply with 68 dollar+ship to change screen…

Hi Andrew, you don’t need to reboot, I could not press OK on my screen either but when I toggled it to square all is good, I am not sure if you get the screen when you hold the power button in but if you do you and toggle by tapping the circle on top and it then shows a square, on circle screens I could not access any buttons in the corners.I will send screenshot