To the Face Request from "Marco ph" It is the Great Watch from the

To the Face Request from “Marco ph”

It is the Great Watch from the Film “Minority Report” Year 2002!

All Parts of the Watchface are handcrafted and absolut new.

Made with Photoshop:
(No Copy and Paste from existing Watchfaces other Designers)

Long Needle = Minute Hand
Middle Needle = Hour Hand
Short Needle = Second Hand

Left Dial = Battery
case no = Steps

I want create the Watchface near the Original, so i did not
aded other Numbers ore Scale on the Face.

All used Numbers are new build in Photoshop
(including the Miror Numbers on the Dial)

It was a lot of Work!

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And Now have Fun :slight_smile:


New Version of the Face.

Battery fix
the blur effect (Vintage look) a little bit reduced.

This is a Homage to the Movie “Minority Report”

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Great work, man! “Minority Report” is one of my most favorites, thanks!

Thanks Ruslan, me too.
This Movie-Watch is very fantastic. 2002 was a Watch like this absolut future. I like the vintage Style with the light unsharpness! Great Work from the Moviemaker.

Great work! Thank You! .)

Good film… Great watch :slight_smile:

@Di_Di very nice work - but did you see this

It explicitly prohibits reproducing the face. As long as yours is completely original and not using any of this guys work it should be ok. Please be sure as we do not want a battle with Facepro.

Hello Pablo,

I respect the works of other Designer!

it`s good to see that you are controling the Faces.

The Minority V3D you posted looks very good.

Please Note, that the Original Minority Watch from the Movie is only Fiction. So all Watchface-Designer work with the same Handfull Source Material from the I-net!

The Result of a good Clone should be nearly the same.

My Watchface is created to the Picture that “Marco ph” posted in his Request.

Its easier to port Faces from Face Repro, but i take the hard Way and build every part new.

Only for this Face i worked over 30 Hours!!

So it makes me not Happy to see that the second Time, that i reply in the comunity personal a Requested Face, a member make a fast Picture Scan, ore take only the finished Watchface from other Designer and posted than the Face, short Time before i completed my own Face!

But this is no longer a Problem,
This was my last answer to a requested Face.
In Future i make only my own stuff.

Please take a look at the Zoom Shoot,
so you can see that the V3D and my Face are Different things.

missing/deleted image from Google+

Hi @Di_Di thanks for the reply.
I’m sorry - I had no choice but to ask. As you say the other one was questionable and looked like a copy.
Please don’t be offended by my questions and carry on with your fantastic work - it’s great !!
I am being extra careful at the moment because an ex-member is threatening to report us for anything he can find which is wrong.
So I am double checking everything …
I hope you understand and are not offended.

È bellissimo complimenti, ma non riesco a scaricarlo

It is beautiful but I can not download it

Hello Pablo,

Thanks for your fast Reply.
All’s well.
I understand you good.

cool face, thank`s

I love this. Thanks.

thank you :slight_smile:

thank you and pls go on…

Do you have a dropbox link mate looks great