To the Face Request from "Marcel B" I Hope you like my KTM Design!

To the Face Request from “Marcel B”

I Hope you like my KTM Design!

Build with Photoshop,
based on my “Intercepter Watch”

Have Fun :slight_smile:

(This Watchface is a Homage to the Brand “KTM”)


very nice and original…, many thnx for sharing…:smiley:

Great! Thanks!

Thanks Ruslan, i hope you like also KTM in Russia :slight_smile:

Di Di You Maestro! Simply and ingeniously! Bravo Maestro! Bravo!

Amazing ! Thank you

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Now that is coooolllll
Bravo di di

Wow this is a cool one
really great
Can you also make this one with the Monster energie logo or is this not permitted by copyright

Di Di for You! Please enjoy.
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very nice tks

Wow Sher, thats cool!
I create only a very fast face, but on your Picture it looks now like a professionel face!
Is this really my face?! :))

Thanks, i like it!

@Di_Di Yes Sir! Only Your work!

looks kool, thanks

In my KW88’s @Eric_Crochemore ​​’s standalong WatchFace app, I can not see the clock hands.
no power,

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fantastic work… thanks

Just beautiful. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Does some one have the apk for this face

Are you using KW88?

  1. Then update to the latest firmware.
  2. Create a clockskin (lowercase) folder and unzip it into it
  3. Rename the file “clock_skin_model.png” to “img_clock_preview.png” and reboot ~

Sir do i have to do it on the watch or my laptop