To buy Zooper Pro or not to buy Zooper Pro, that is the question...

To buy Zooper Pro or not to buy Zooper Pro, that is the question… It’s not a question about the $2.99 price tag for the app, it’s a question if Olivier Hodin has caught something with the Mediatek framework and the Zooper Pro app shortly won’t be needed to do all that watch face building/swapping we have all been so desperately waiting for. I take it all the guys who have been recently posting watch faces/widgets for the KW88 have paid for the app, or is there another way around using the free version? I unfortunately didn’t have success loading the Omega Rio widget that was recently posted… All input and opinions are welcome. Happy cracking/hacking :slight_smile:

Try to imagine this. A few people working in their free time to find ANY solution to have a nice clockface on the $100 watch you’ve just bought.

And you are starting a discussion over, do we, or do we not have to invest $3 in an app to have one possible solution working? Really?

I have a real problem with the fact that nowadays people EXPECT an app to be free and even a $1 pricetag is outrages, let alone $3.

Let’s be clear about this here. I’m not earning a cent here, I’m not endorsing any program, person or company. I’m just trying to find a solution for myself and this community.

It’s the price of a cup of coffee, and if you buy an app, you’ll get to keep it forever!

@Kenneth_Tan if i were taking food off the table of the guys (the ones trying to bypass the watch software) working so hard to give us what we all have been so desperately waiting for then i would say i deserved your “spanking”. But that is not the case here. As far back as i can remember, when jailbreaking an iphone or rooting an android began it was always sweeter (at least for me) to get the free stuff rather than paying for it. Sure i could have paid for the european maps on igo, but i didn’t and really enjoyed not paying for it either, because that was the goal.

No one said anything about not finding a solution but if the solution can be free then hey, i’ll take it. If there is no other way around it and you have to pay, then that’s also fine but that also depends on how bad someone wants these functions. Im not really big on apps and utilizing my phones, watches or any other gadgets as others may do, so for me this app would only be useful for swapping faces and nothing else.

Not looking to stir up any issues here, but asking for the cheap way out never killed anyone and im sure that if the FREE way comes to surface no one will complain and run to pay for something they dont have to pay for.

Well I’m not going to comment on this one…

@Kenneth_Tan again, not trying to rock the boat. All your work and everyone else’s here is greatly appreciated. It’s just a subconscious thing i have about making online app purchases and will only go down that route as a final resort.

Now get off your butt and get us the free stuff (joking) :slight_smile:

Zooper no longer updated
Dev no longer support and maybe some new extremes parametres will not works but
If you like customization is still an excellent tool even for art wallpapers
The price is same since dev left off.

@George_Zervas I’ve just started Zopper. Did not know the devs stopped working on it, but I only orientated me by using the XDA forum. On XDA there is still a huge following for Zooper, so I’m not worried will get stuck with problems using it.

ok, so lets say someone goes out and pays for this app today, they will get all the functionalities up until the developers stopped working on it…? which also means that it will work normally for the watch face widgets??

As long launchers support widget will not have any problem
Nothing have change
If start use it will occur how many opotunities has

Pay… So you Can download project and then improve it

ok so finally bought Zooper Pro and a large Starbucks coffee :slight_smile: Now the only problem I am having is actually making the clock faces cover the whole screen. I know Kenneth Tan is getting ready to post a video when he gets a chance, but is there anyone else who can guide?

Set first a widget
nova settings must be dock overlay to stretch widget
Tap and first ckoice is configure widget
Scroll down and will find a choice to enlarge all widget from 100 to…
To k88 i set tag to 194
Second choice is when tap to widget
Tap widget and if swipe right two times has nova activities
Set open dock
Make sure your clock is round mode
When long press power button has mode to spectacular or round
To upper clock icon