To all lem5 users: dont install the latest wireless update!!! It broke my watch.

To all lem5 users: dont install the latest wireless update!!! It broke my watch. All i have now is the red lemfo startupscreen.
If anyano can help me: please!!!

My lem5 working good after this update. I think this update is safe
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@Sg_Houtman ​ tell us exactly what happened.
All other users of this watch received the latest OTA and the watch was much improved…
Please give all the information you can.

Well @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ it downloaded the OTA well. I had the battery at 100% and wired when i started the update. Itvthen restarted and never came any further than the startup screen (the black screen with the red lemfo 5 and the white lem). After about 4 hours i gave it a restart by longpressingvthe center button, and again after the startup it just wont go beyond this screen. It still makes the connect and disconnect sound when put on the charger, but thats it. I even removed the sim card. No effect. I let the battery drain fully. No effect. Another restart. No effect.
If i connect to my laptop it only shows up as the camera icon, so no full access there to the memory. I guess thats it.

First try disconnecting the battery from the watch for at least 30 seconds - then reconnect and boot. If that doesn’t work:

If it shows anything when connected to the pc it means there is still a chance to get it back.
The firmware over on the proboard forum should be ok as long as you use download mode in SP Tools and do not select the pre-loader…
You could even try just flashing the system partition. Be aware though that this kind of thing is for advanced users and any issues you run into are at your own risk…