To all Finow X3 Plus users...check your wireless update..there is a new update the

To all Finow X3 Plus users…check your wireless update…there is a new update the size of 9.58MB …


I will ask Finow about it

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 please do

If you have taken it - what is the build number? Finow don’t know about it. Are you sure It’s not the one from 27 Sept?


Yep - the 27th sept was 19.8 mb so it’s new and thanks for confirming.
Very odd that Finow did not know about it - at least marketing management do not know…
We’ll have to monitor for any changes.
I requested fixes for the following so please tell me if fixed:
a) no live updating of social media apps over 3G data (syncing). Have to open the app to get updates.
b) heart rate monitor doesn’t work 90% of the time for most users.
c) notifications not displayed on main screen.

I’ve just updated so I’ll be checking as well.


Thanks buddy…will monitor battery life as well

Now withe pedometer enabled and M2D on I get about 8-10 hours

Download, also rooted works.
Update only works, if unrooted.

Have you seen any change with this latest update?

Not much…I am still struggling with battery life tho.

With the new update my battery life is about 10 -12 hours with M2D always on

Was that full screen/square screen option there before on long pressing the button? Don’t think so but it’s there now. Pretty useful.

Before, there was the silent mode.
I think it is better to make a slide with the two modes.

I’m back on firmware 160927.
The battery managment was much better.
Now there is a fake battery managment.
It shows 90% during 10 hours and if I load the battery it goes down to 35% before it goes up to 100% during 1 hour.

@Thomas_Sc have not experienced this kind of problem with this update

Can anyone confirm me that Bluetooth working properly in smart watch x3 plus (Synchronize it with is phone properly).
So I can decide whether to replace it or to demand the money back.