Tizen Terra Mechanica Bronze watchface

Hi, to this amazing community.
After lots of downloads it’s my first post.
I came across to this astonishing Tizen animated watchface and kept wondering if it would be possible to have something like that on stock launcher for Android 7.1 watches (a Kospet Hope, in my case).
Watch: Terra Mechanica Bronze
Author: Urarity
Credits: https://galaxystore.samsung.com/geardetail/com.watchface.Mehanika-bronze


In the Galaxy stores add you can see how cool this watchface is. Would it be possible to have something along those lines for us? Like several animated clokskins we already have.

Many thanks in advance for your time.


It’s a paid face from the Galaxy store. So it’s not possible to publish a clockskin copy here. But “something like that”, maybe. As long it is not too close to the original.

Ok. I second to that. For me, that would do perfectly. I mean, something inspired in that idea (not a copy at all!). I do believe and agree that other people’s work must be respected.
I really admire this community.
Thanks for the brief response.
Best regards.


very beautiful