Tissot T Touch face

Hi Guys, I had the incredible luck to pick up a Tissot T Touch a few days back for just $65! (Australian) This particular watch sells for well over $500+ 2nd hand! Anyway I particularly like the silver dial (The watch is one of the very early models…around 1999 to about 2004) as the dials are mostly black on these watches.
But to cut a long story short (Ok! Ok! So I occasionally ramble a bit! Gezzzzz! :woozy_face: :crazy_face:) could someone have a shot at making one of this particular type faces for me?

Many thanks in advance! :+1: Cheers, Doons

Gee, I guess @G1NT0N1C will knock one out for me in about 5 minutes!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Credit: Official website | TISSOT® Australia

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Might be fake LOL Can not find a good pic of that watch :confused:
Notice the REd - By The Touch … yours is blue ?


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:rofl: No it’s the real deal WW! I got it off a guy I have purchased a lot of watches from…the main reason I got it so cheap. Yes mate, the “T” is blue…here is the best shot I can get of one…

Cheers, Doons

here is another…

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Very nice @Jj_Gallais ! :+1: The face looks to be Mother of Pearl? Do you have a download link for it? Cheers, Doons

U can’t download the pic ???

Ah! My mistake mate! I thought it was a new face that had been made! :woozy_face: No worries, I am sure someone can use the picture. Cheers, Doons