Tissot Perpetual Calendar UL only

Retrograde month, weekday and date



Tissot 1853

CREDIT: TissotWatches.com

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Very nice and well done! Thanks.

Thank you, Vladimir… Originally, I wanted to use an animated GIF for the months, but couldn’t find a frame rate & frame rate unit to accomplish the task (only Second, Minute, Hour and Day are available). So, I had to use Auto Rotation/month in the published skin and adjusted the month feature to accommodate the “arc/sweep”.

Do you know (and by copy to @Eric_Crochemore) of a solution?

I’m sorry I really don’t know.Have a nice day!

There can be no frame rate because the months are different.

Thanks to both of you… Glad I opted to go the other direction

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Yes it’s doable, but if you have 12 pictures in your animation, it’s better to take the month array.

Eric - I guess “doable” would be 365 images with a Frame Rate Unit set to Frames per Day, CORRECT?

Don’t forget the leap year… :wink:

Oh yes, month length are not the same. :blush:
So yes, not very doable.