Tissot I present my latest clockskin, Tissot T-touch Solar Was request from here..


I present my latest clockskin, Tissot T-touch Solar

Was request from here…

All part made by me, in PS.

Credit to original: https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-en/shop/tissot-t-touch-expert-solar-nba-special-edition.html

Nice sharp skin…

Day , weekday, month, battery level, digital clock on the face.
There is two version inside the zip, to use it day or night… :slight_smile:

Like always, free to use for this community.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and/or :+1: when you like it :slight_smile:


Just look the other nice version of the skin from Tiaan: https://plus.google.com/106367365224516204560/posts/9Gz5pgGoQEt

Very very nice. Thank you very much

@Tiaan_Kotze hehe, was not push…

Dammit, I can’t figure out how to download like this. Usually, licking the link automatically does it

Very cool - I like the choice between 2 designers, and multiple takes on the same watch. My thanks to @zsolt_m and @Tiaan_Kotze for their hard work.

On a rather cheeky note, is it possible to modify the watch face so that it automatically switches from “Tiss” during the day, and “Tissb” in low light conditions? I’ve seen a couple of watch faces that do this dimming, but don’t know how it is achieved. If this is not possible, don’t worry - the watch face is great as is.

@Phil_Day Not possible, due limitation of Clockskin engine.

Very nice, thanks

How do I download this face?

@Bryan_Bass There is the dl link end of the description…

I know. When I click it, I am promted to choose Google, or Drive. Selecting Google sends you to download zipped file, and so does drive. When I try to pull the file to Watchmaker, I get “invalid file”

@Bryan_Bass Yep, download is correct. This is not compatible with WM. Have you not read the title of community?

@Chaitanya_Patel You can’t!

So, how do I get it on my watch?

@Bryan_Bass You have no chance, just if you buy Android watchphone, like finow x5+.

Ok, from now on we will delete any posts regarding putting CSM faces on Wear or Gear watches.
If people can’t understand the name of this community, amazing…

nice work man, you are watchface master​:clap::clap::clap::clap::+1::+1::+1:

great work, thanks!

@Aleksandar_be_togeth I think all my clockskin compatible with…

@Aleksandar_be_togeth First try contact the users in our tech forum for questions. : http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/