Tips For Using Full Android Watch as Smartphone

I’ve been using my watch as my phone-phone for a few months now. I think this is a good option for people who want to unplug a little. You’ll still have most of the conveniences of a smartphone, just smaller and lighter. I think the little screen prevents endless scrolling since it’s inherently less stimulating than a phone screen. Great for minimalists.

If you’re thinking about using your full android watch as your phone-phone, here are a few things I did to make it work for me:

Some essential apps simply won’t work on a watch for one reason or another. I use Blue Stacks Emulator to fill in the gaps through my laptop.

Even though texting is pretty reliable, It’s still a pain. I have Your Phone App so I can text through my laptop and access the pictures I take on my watch.

I used this tutorial to remove bloatware from my device. I don’t want bloatware occupying screen space, especially not on a tiny watch. If you do this, it’s worth it, just be careful.

I previously used Nova Launcher Prime, which has tools to hide bloatware. However, Nova got on my nerves a month of daily use. It’s just too complex and detailed for a tiny screen. I currently use Kospet Launcher. I like it because it’s probably the simplest round watch launcher out there right now. It isn’t customizable, though.

I found an artist on etsy to make me a custom watch band. The watch never truly felt like it was mine until I got the custom band. 10/10 do recommend.

Is anyone else using their smartwatch as your phone-phone? Just wondering…


I use my watch almost primarily. I still have the phone but it is rarely used. Stays in the car while on errands or on the counter at home.

I use universal launcher, floating toucher, fng button mapper and one shade. To make things more fluid to navigate.

I use Google voice to share a number between watch, cell, and laptop it will ring and text all 3 devices