Timex - Metropolitan+1 Credits: www.timex.com Original watch:

Timex - Metropolitan+1


Original watch: http://cdn.ndtv.com/tech/images/gadgets/timex_metropolitan_plus.jpg

Had to change the battery idicator a little bit becouse of the high angle but still a nice watch too see.
Also changed the dial for bluetooth andso to days of the week.
Added another link with blue hands.
Added 2 skins wich has the date indication from the timex intelligent quartz.

Link 1 original:

Link 2 original with date:

Link3 with blue hands:

Link4 with blue hands and date:

Enjoy it! :smiley:

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@Julio_Santos Thx! :slight_smile:

Will these work with the KW88 ?

Just tried it and the battery needle isn’t in the right place…

Nor is the day of the week needle…

nice job, thank´s

@Samsung_Galaxy Strange!? Working fine on my X5+
@Joao_Nascimento Thanks!
missing/deleted image from Google+

It seems to be a problem with the KW88 :frowning:

V nice Thanks

@Samsung_Galaxy Too bad man!? :frowning: Mabe the KW88 needs start angle adjusting in CSM? The X5 doesnt do anything with the startangle but mabe the KW needs it to perfom good?

@Gaz_Easton Your welcome. :slight_smile:

@Richard_van_Aggelen I’ve tried changing all the parameters manually, but I’m new to this, so no success so far - I have tried a few other faces with battery pointers and they don’t work either…

@Samsung_Galaxy So did you set them to the origional setting in CSM? For the X5 i did need an angle but mabe for the KW88 it isnt necessary?

@Richard_van_Aggelen Does CSM have settings to suit the new KW88 firmware ?

@Samsung_Galaxy Pffff…good question!? I really,really dont know??? :-S

I’ve tried a few more faces with pointers for battery level - none work on the KW88

I just put this on my Kospet Lite (With standard Launcher) (And no…I won’t be installing UL.) and everything works fine except that the weekday indicator is showing between Thursday & Friday…and it is Sunday here. Any ideas on what settings to alter (And how to go about altering them!) to get this right would be most welcome! Cheers, Doons

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Universal launcher is a bit like " Garlic Bread " in the UK . Its the future lol :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Get it installed and stop mucking around . Haha

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu I appreciate the advice Tim, but I did try and install UL twice and had problems with it not functioning correctly…and I don’t discount that perhaps I installed it incorrectly…but I figure that if I leave my watch as it came from the factory, then less chance of me buggering something up…like they say “If it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it!”…or, if you want to apply that saying to me it goes “If I don’t fix it…it won’t be broken!” :grin: But I figure there must be a way of correcting that date issue…but if not then I’ll keep the face on my watch anyway. I have a real Timex Flyback Chronograph and I love the look of it. Cheers, Doons

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Dont worry . I was only joking :grin::grin::grin::grin: