Time/timezone changing by itself

Hi, I have a Kospet Prime S and I am having a problem with the clock time.

As much as I always put the right time, the system insists on changing the time without my wanting it after a few minutes.

I already disabled the automatic time and time zone change, but the problem persists. Can someone help me?

Manually change the time zone to your time zone.


I’ve tried this several times, but still the system changes the time by itself after a few minutes.

You could turn off auto-sync and set the time manually as a sort of workaround.
If that doesn’t work either, I would try a factory reset. I also have such a watch and it behaves normally. So I don’t think it’s a firmware issue.

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How can i turn off auto-sync?

Settings- date and time. Tap on automatic time/date and change to “off”.
After that, you can change the time and the date manualy.