Time is almost gone!! Less than 3 hours to go! We have a competition

Time is almost gone!! Less than 3 hours to go!
We have a competition to celebrate our 15,000 members day :slight_smile:

It’s tough but very cool …

*Please read carefully :- *

One of our main sponsors, KingWear are offering a competition for our members here.
There are 5 new KW99 watches to be won.
The rules are simple enough - submit 6 original face designs - just the clock_skin_model.png of each one to rascmoderators@gmail.com.
NOT – the whole face!
*The faces have to be original designs. No copies of branded faces or existing designs will be accepted – for legal reasons. *
Do not put the name of the watch on the face please.
*Send your entries in an email to to rascmoderators@gmail.com, clearly labelled “KW Face competition” in the subject line. *
*But - only when you have completed the 6 faces! *
Not one by one please or they will not be accepted!!
We will send them on to be judged and the winners will be notified by us.
There is a time constraint here - because the watch is about to be released.
So – all entries must be in by 27th May – one week from today by 8pm GMT.
I know this is tough but that’s the way it is. It’s an opportunity for you and it’s not open to discussion.
*Winners will be notified and will receive a 512mb\8gb KW99 directly from KingWear. *
The faces will then remain the property of KingWear – however they would like to put the designer’s name on the watch preview pane. So your work is recognised from then on. This is very good :slight_smile:
One last thing – if people abuse this competition or mess us about – you will be removed from the community - no argument.
Thanks – and good luck!!

Well see, good luck for the contributors!

@zsolt_m You are ready :slight_smile: I have to do a few watch faces in one week.

good luck for the winners

I’m really want to see all face from us here, after end of judge/deadline.

@Alex_Sadov ​ yes you can. Just that the 6 best from the batch you send will be chosen. :+1::slight_smile:

Don’t forget everyone - for judging - just the clock_skin_http://model.png is required. Once winners are announced the complete face will be needed.

I was so excited that i did my first face without any experience at it. It tooks me a lot of time, countless attempts, but no pain no gain as they say,. i didnt want to just learn how to create a face watch, my goal was to master it. Make it art.
It took me ages but one day finally it happened. i was about to give up, i wanted the perfection or nothing and at the very moment that i was about to quit suddendly my first creation, went from hope to reality.
And it s fucking terrible, it s doesnt even look like a watch. Tell me if the sponsor would be okay to make a shittiest watch ever s contest. i would crush the competition.

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@gil_veber ha ha . I tell you what - have a look at this http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/board/11/custom-faces-development-guides

Will the faces be available for download here in the community?

@Berilo_Passos only mine

@Berilo_Passos ​ they will belong to KW so we will have to wait and see.

Hurry up ! Only a few hours left !

@gil_veber Same here. I tried making my first face(s) from scratch. Nothing worked the way I expected it to (never really used Photoshop or gimp before) and I started by watching tutorials on youtube and reading a lot. While the results are still crappy, I can at least say, that I appreciate the designs in this community even more because it is a whole lot of work, it takes a lot of time and each face contains of so many little details that you might not notice if you never tried making a watchface yourself.

@Heiko_Schott Yes, we made lot of work in photoshop, than in setting on CSM. Sometimes i made completely rework all element of the face because what in PS good, dont look good on real watch.I need learn PS. But earlier I was very beginner too… First: I suggest you, dont use images from the net, build your pictures from scratch, just made your own style, use high res pictures in ps (than resize in ps to 400px for csm).Sometimes you will made just crap, but no worries, next will be better. :wink:

@Heiko_Schott exactly. my thought, i can t agree more.

@zsolt_m dont you think there is something to do with talent too? like everything else I mean. I ve never been really good at anything with my hands, except fapping. i am skilled at other things though, but creating watch faces is obviously not one of them.

@gil_veber hehe… one year earlier I’m not made watchfaces…Then I trying to learn, and do it myself…Was lot of crap, but yet, I think no so bad.

Yep - everyone starts somewhere :slight_smile:

And all the info you could ever need is here