Tim Costello , Andrew Davis any idea how to make battery level bar?

@Tim_Costello , @Andrew_Davis any idea how to make battery level bar?


It’s tricky with a battery digital array…

In the second, minute and hour arrays there’s less of a problem because there are only ever two digits used in the array ie 01, 02… 58, 59 or 01, 02… 22, 23…

In the battery array it’s two digits 01 to 99 but three digits when you get to 100…
That might sound obvious but the effect is that your array shifts (sideways) to accommodate the third digit… this may/will move it from your desired position (this does not happen with s, m, h)…

Local masking ( a small mask/patch to cover a simple change is sometimes difficult)… @Tim_Costello 's idea of having the digital array behind everything else (seen through a window) is a much better solution and will dramatically cut down on the number of layers you’ll need…

You may/should be able to make/align the digital array so that the “shift” isn’t noticed… oversized colour bars could work…

You might get away with a battery rotary array behind your main image (viewed through windows)… not as neat but easily do-able :slight_smile:

@Julian_H_Jharrvis , in array battery give the name to images with letters and not numbers. The .xml engine works just as well.

@Sergio_Paulo1 Interesting… how does that work?
a=1, b=2, c=3… i=9, j-10, k=11 ?

For this battery you only need 1 array. Align it so the 10’s part is showing under the mask (this will count 10%, 20%,30%…). You only need 5 pictures so 1&2 are the same, 3&4 same etc. or you could have 10 pictures and light half each bar as well.
Actually I lied at the start, you need one more array for the 100%. This is a separate array, you only need to have 1 picture in the 2nd row (1s) and align it so that the 100ths part is under the mask, but over the other array.
I’ve discovered a few ‘undocumented software features’ (often referred to as bugs). The watch does strange things when < 10%. This is because unlike the time array, the battery array doesn’t display leading zeros. It only displays 1 digit and everything shifts. There’s no way I could think to get around this, but it’s not often you run with <10% battery.
The CSM has a similar issue, but it comes into effect at 10-20%
It’s funny, I’m currently doing this exact thing with the battery. I’ll release soon, I just have to stop socialising and get back to what’s important in life, designing watch skins.

@Andrew_Somers Is that what @Tim_Costello said?

I see, I just scrolled to the very top now, doh, well great minds think alike :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Somers Great minds collaborate :slight_smile:
I’m still interested to hear what @Sergio_Paulo1 idea is…

@Andrew_Davis yes, I’ve been doing the same as the Julian and gave the name to the images as bat10, bat20, bat30, bat40 … and often on the watch the images of battery appeared in the strangest place. As I did not know what it was, and after reviewing all started again from 0. Later I discovered that if you give the name to images like bat_a, bat_b, bat_c, bat_d, … this error of the localization of images not more appear.
That’s what happened to me, but I have seen many things that appear to some and do not appear to others.

I’m have in hands one problem similar, but when I can, I ask for help to all.

@Sergio_Paulo1 :slight_smile: I might give that a try sometime, thank you…
@Andrew_Somers have a look…

Comrades, I need your opinion here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109697702133513112313/posts/KCSU8e2QM1r

@Julian_H_Jharrvis I hope it there too. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t see any difference when naming with letters instead of numbers. It was probably just that the battery level was different when you retested it.
Be aware of the distortions that I mentioned above, the D5 at <10% and the CSM at 10-19%.
Also when the battery is 100% it will wrap and display the 1st row from the array (for 0). That’s why I have a special case for 100% that just draws full bars right over the top of everything.
Also check your last picture in the array (for the % symbol). I don’t use it, but it needs to be there and is drawn by the clock engine. So I just made it 1 pixel wide all transparent, so it doesn’t get in the way.

@Andrew_Somers , maybe, but I have to test another to see again.