Ticwris max xdrip app for diabetics

I am a longtime diabetic, and am greatly enamored of the ticwris max. I am trying to find out if the app xdrip will run on the max, so that I can keep track of my blood sugar on my wrist. My watch is always on my wrist, or in reach. My phone can end up being in the car or on the charger when I need to check my sugar. The app on my phone links by bluetooth to the sensor I wear to show my sugar level and trends. The app also makes reports of numbers and trends, and can also keep logs of food intake and insulin and drug doses. Having this functionality on my wrist would be the greatest thing in my life. I really can’t afford to buy one of these just to check if it might work. Just trying to find out if someone could check for me. Thanks in advance for any advice.

if you enter xdrip in the search line, you will get several hits. From these posts it appears that it works on the watch. At least on android 7.1 watches. No one has tried it for android 10, but I suspect it works here too.


Thanks for the guidance. I tried to check for the max with xdrip, without success. It seems that the app works for 7.1 watches, but it won’t (can’t) fetch data from the sensor. Also, the watchface that makes use of the data is built for android Wear. Thanks again.

I wear the G6 Dexcom CGM. I tried to load the Dexcom G6 Android app on the TicWris Max S watch and the Kospet Prime 2 and while it works, the bluetooth connectivity is intermittent. Unless I missed a setting, the bluetooth would not stay connected to the transmitter. I haven’t tried Xdrip+ but have used it in the past on my phone. I may go back to it and see if it has better luck. For now, I did two things. I installed Nightwatch and linked it to my Dexcom account. It works great. I also went through the long process of setting up a NightScout server and downloaded it to the watch. It works as well and is linked through my Dexcom Share feature. So…the Dexcom G6 Android app won’t stay consistently connected solely on the watch. I have gone back to my Samsung phone and am using it as the primary receiver. I installed the Watch Droid app on the phone and watch for connectivity between the two. I may try Xdrip+ on the Max S watch soon. I have a T-Mobile Sim Card with a new phone number arriving today. This way I can test features of the Android Watches without removing my Sim card from the Phone. Any more questions let me know. Also, I am assuming you have the Dexcom G6. I don’t know about the Medtronic or Libre CGM’s at the moment.

Meant to add… The reason I stopped using Xdrip+ was because my Endocrinologist relies on the Dexcom G6 program info for her support. I have the separate receiver but got tired of having to remember to connect it to the computer for uploading. Also, the Dexcom G6 app works on the watch but you have to use the “Custom Dexcom G6” app not the one on the Play Store or website. The “custom” one does not check for compatibility. Bottom-line: Unless there is a way to keep the Dexcom G6 app from losing BT connection to the transmitter, it is not reliable. I believe the transmitter transmits the reading every 5 minutes. So the watch doesn’t see a connection after the reading is sent so it drops the connection. Then when you open the app, it say “Sensor Lost” trying to reconnect. It will reconnect, but can take up to 30 minutes. I started a separate post earlier asking for suggestions. Nothing helped.

Copy that. Thanks anyhow. Just trying to get even lazier, and thought I could consolidate gadgets. Awesome posts and support. I’m going to keep watching for anything to follow, but it’s really not looking good. I just wish I could talk directly to the software guys in China, and get some buy- in for our use case. I’m sure that I would not mind recharging every couple days if that is what it took. Thanks again!

You’re welcome. I’ve been Type 1 for over twenty years so always looking to simplify my gadgetry too.

Hey, just remembered that the custom g6 app would not stay connected to my lg phone. The xdrip wouldn’t stay connected, either, so I moved it (xdrip) to my android8.1 tablet. Always connected, unless it leave it behind, but it reconnects in seconds. Staying locked down helps with keeping track of my stuff, but trying to streamline in case I get vaccinated soon. If it’s not too much trouble, please keep me posted on the xdrip on max s trial… Cheers!

Will do! :+1:


@Tiggo and @moldyoldie, were you able to figure out how to keep Dexcom running?

Nope, I gave up and sold all my watches on eBay. I ended up with a TicWatch Pro. Works great showing Xdrip from my phone. Just can’t get far from my phone though. Like the time shows…it has been a while so maybe the software is better.

I actually think it should work with a watch with FAW firmware. Has anyone checked it yet?

I suspect that the connection issues with the sensor are battery management issues on the watch and should be solvable by disabling all battery managemet for the Dexcom app, as I have done on my small phone that I use exclusively for diabetes apps (I use BYODA instead of the official app - still sends the data to the Dexcom servers and feeds real-time data to sDrip+ and AndroidAPS to actively control my pump and blood sugars).

I’d desperately like to be able to run my diabetes apps on a watch for convenience and to minimise disconnections from leaving the phone elsewhere but I don’t think that these watches are there for battery life (need to maintain 24/7 communications by Bluetooth to sensor and pump and a data connection, preferably cellular, to the cloud), useability (neither round screens or bricks on the wrist work particularly well) or reliability (too many reports of watches dying after a few months). It’s a shame because I’m seeing more and more posts in diabetes communities looking for just this sort of thing.

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