TICWRIS MAX using portrait mode

The TICWRIS MAX seems to use portrait mode for phone and messaging functions. This makes it difficult to use as a wrist phone. BAD

Can this be fixed?

This rotation controlling app can be used to set the rotation to landscape mode


Thank you, I’ve installed it but what is the magic to force landscape mode?

Also, what is the best messaging app to use with the TICWRIS?

The built in one sucks.

Thank You.

There should be options to change the rotation in the notification area, however if you cannot access it you can use this app (or anything similar search for rotation control on play store and use the app that you like)

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Does the app Google Messages work for you ?

Thank you Meghoswami for your responses and help.

As for the orientation, I rebooted the phone and it now seems to be operating in the landscape mode so that is good.

As for the messagin, no good solution yet. I looked in the play store for google messages. it found it but there is no install link? I then looked for Pulse and it could not find it. For my eyes, I need a dark mode apps, with control of font size. The built in messagjing has neither.

You can install the apk for Google Messages from here, I believe it has dark mode
Dark mode can also be enabled in many apps by using this app, I use it on my watch
As for the font, I don’t think there’s any app that sets a custom font, but you can change it manually in the accessibility menu
You can also try to install the apk for pulse sms on your watch
Is your play store updated to the latest version? Cuz many apps are not showing on your watch

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Seems like I need to get very latest play store and possibly side load side load some apps.

but I appreciate very much, the help.

OK, I side loaded and installed the latest version of play store.
Then I got fed up with all the apk downloads site that make it difficult to get any real download directly. You should NEVER have to give credit card info to get a ‘free’ apk download.

Anyway, I downloaded Pulse SMS from the play store and am using it. LOOKS MUCH BETTER.
However I think some of the SMS functions are hard coded in the device, maybe I can get them to default to Pulse.

Thanks again.

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yeah, that sounds sketchy. This is the correct download button:

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That works for me: control screen rotation!

Hi ive just recieved the ticwris max how do i install apk on it pls or even sidload apk onto the watch as there isnt option for unknown source if u could help that would be awsome thanks

Just put the apk on your watch and hit it. It will install.

Thaks for ur time and reply so i just have to go on browser on the watch then go to apk that i want and download it and install it