TicWris Max S Fitness

I got the TicWris Max S for Christmas. Specifically wanted it to have for running training. Getting everything setup, I see it cannot download runkeeper, which is my favorite app. Anyone been able to side load or know anything else. I’m thinking strava. I tried the built in but couldn’t get the built in fitness app to close once started. Anyone else see this issue?

I don’t know much about Fitness apps, but the expert for questions about this is @Dr_Andy_Vishnu. My running app is working fine, but it’s not updated any more.

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Hopefully @Dr_Andy_Vishnu will chime in as I’ve downloaded strava and it won’t detect the onboard heart rate sensor and neither will Google fitness. So not sure anyone makes an app for android that detects onboard body sensors

He will chime in. Be patient.:wink:

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Hi . As Max S is android 7.1.1 my running app is working perfectly on this device .

If not better than other watches due to screen dimensions :+1:

Heart rate sensor works but it needs activating in watch first ( under special permissions ) before you can turn on in app

Thanks @G1NT0N1C :handshake:


Thank you @Dr_Andy_Vishnu. I take it that’s the link to the apk to install? As it doesn’t show up in Google play on the max s when I search for it.

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@Jeff_Thacker That’s because the developers have their own thread here on the forum.
Just use the search button and type in my running app.

Yes . Install the file .it is safe :+1: