Ticwris Max S display question

I just got mine today. and set everything up, and loaded the apps I wanted to use. I noticed that although the home screen and apps drawer use the full size of the screen (about 55mm x 42mm), other apps like Chrome, Google Maps… use less of the screen (about 48mm x 35mm). It seems to be that way with all of the downloaded apps. Is there a setting I can change to get these apps to use the entire screen? based on advice I saw, I had the Third party apps adapter turned off, but turning this on does not make the screen image larger. Other than that, seems like a great watch!

With the firmwares available at the moment this is not possible

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Just wanted to update anyone reading this…I just found my problem and feel like an idiot!. The Ticwris software still has the square mode function found on round watched. It came set to square (understandable , I thought since it is a “square’ watch”), When I set it to round, all the apps display correctly. Thanks everyone for your help.


Wtf? I didn’t know that it’s able to switch between round and squaremode on this firmware.


I’m having the exact same issues you where having as far as display screen not showing the full size like it did before, I’m not sure how you we’re able to switch between square and round.

Hi . Press and hold the power button . You will see this option :+1: