Ticwris max s bands removable?

Does anybody know if the bands are removable?
I want a strapless watch.
I’ve loosend the four screws but how to get the Spring Bar off?

The straps are not removable in the traditional sense. I cannot say whether they are removable like with the Tickwrist max. Maybe a question to @SmartWatch_Ticks.

Hi, there are two antennas hidden inside bands. Be careful as I broke one of them during my first attempt of removing. It was very difficult later to repair it.


Thank you very much for letting us know!:handshake:

Thank you.
So i See it’s not removable like on the Ticwris Max or lemfo lem t.

Yes, it’s exactly the same as far as I know.
Straps cannot be removed from these rectangular designs.

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