Ticwris Max S accessories

I found some great TPU Screen Protectors on amazon that are of the TPU type like the older invisashield brand used to be. I prefer TPU because of it’s self healing ability and it’s tactile feel especially for a smaller screens. but I wanted to inquire if anyone had any info on any available accessories on this watch especially an upgraded more stable charger cradle possibly with stronger magnets. I have heard the stock one is weak and may need assistance in doing its job correctly. But any info is appreciated. Thx!!!


Just so it is somewhere on here, I designed a 3D printable case for the Ticwris Max S (DM101). Specifically, the case is designed with a flip-up style of a screen cover. I wanted to make it so I could essentially never break the screen.

I can’t upload links or the files, so the name on thingiverse is just “DM101 (Ticwris Max S) Full Android Smartwatch Case”. Just uploaded it today.

It is still a work in progress, but I have had a couple of working prototypes.

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Pictures, still very much a prototype. White filament looks awful, but that is why I use it while prototyping.

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