Ticwris Max questions

As the title would imply, I have a few questions on how to get my Ticwris Watch to behave the way I want.

1.) Is there a way to lock the clockface? Everytime my watch turns on when I’m moving about in my pockets it changes the clockface, and I wish it wouldn’t.

2.) Is there a way to have the heart rate monitor always active? My watchface has a build in heart rate indicator on it, but only updates when I go into the heart rate app. I wish to have that update in real time, and that’s the most brute force way I can think of to achieve this (sans getting another app.)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using Universal Launcher, or the Standard Launcher ?
The UL has a function in settings, to keep getting updates from the heart rate.

1.) You could set a screen lock, and then, as a bonus, you won’t suddenly make a call to someone or post gibberish on facebook either


I thought about that. However, with the size of the screen I felt that the extra step might unintentionally create lockout situations.

I believe I’m using the standard launcher. I haven’t done too much with the watch beyond linking it to my phone. Between that, and the fiddleiness of the Play app store, I haven’t done much for installing apps on it either.