Ticwris Max & Google Play Store

Hey - just got this watch - pretty cool - have a potential issue with the Google Play Store and wondered if anyone else had.
I can access it fine, am logged in with my regular Google account and have been able to install some apps, but some of the obvious ones I thought I’d be able to install (YouTube / Instagram / Facebook etc.) I am unable to.
When I click on the green ‘Install’ button nothing happens!!

Are certain ones blocked? Should I be doing something else?


I have the same watch for about 2wks now. When I first got it, I followed a guide from YouTube. Smartwatch Ticks. Using a back up and restore app on my cell phone to backup apps. Then using the Wiiwatch2 app to send the backed up apps, from the archived section.
That’s how I got Facebook and YouTube FULL on the watch. And it worked well with no problems.
I recently factory reset the TicWris for no real reason than to just do it. But THIS time I went directly to the app store to get those YouTube and Facebook apps, and sure enough it only allows Facebook lite or such.
Looking back at my own memory, I seem to MAYBE recall that certain phones just aren’t optimized to handle full versions or updated versions of some apps or programs, and so some developers build a Lite version so that we can still enjoy those apps.
But, like I said, I went through Wiiwatch2 app the first time and had zero problems…kind of a lie .I just thought about. When I Bluetoothed YouTube, from TicWris Max to my stereo, sitting right next to it, it was still shaky like I was walking away from it. But on the smartwatch, itself, it ran perfectly fine.
Basically, you may have to go through the backdoor for a few apps