Ticwris Max - Fitness app >Outdoor Biking stopped suddenly

My watch Ticwris Max, Build Number TICWRIS_MAX_V1.9_20200713 (3+32)
This was Lemfo LemT (3+32) originally ,from Aliexpress,on which i flashed TICWRIS_MAX_V1.9_20200713_20200712_072642.zip , and it was working very nicely.
My main app, for which i was using this watch was Fitness>Outdoor Biking.This app worked very nicely since i fleshed above firmware,but recently this is not working
I get nags as:
1.Please stay still,skipping may lose motion track…positioning( searches for GPS),it takes ling time…
2.Failure to locate will prevent you from using the cycling function…exit…continue…
After searching it is not working.I am requesting Dr_Andy_Vishnu to please guide for remedy.Many thanks in advance.

Did you factory reset after flashing ?


yes, factory reset was done after flashing,but this app is not working.everything else works very nicely.Jio sim also works.

Flash the original firmware for watch and factory reset .

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I flashed original Lemfo LEMT & set it to factory reset.As the original Fitness app in Lemfo LEMT wasn’t GPS enabled & that was not showing distance traveled with map so i tried Ticwris Max firmware.The above mentioned Ticwris Max firmware gave me distance with map for more than one & half years but suddenly stopped.Re flashing & factory reset didn’t solved problem.Now,i flashed original firmware,as you guided,factory reset it,Fitness>Biking works but as originally it doesn’t have GPS functionality,it is not showing distance travelled & map.Any guidance…
Best regards.

Did you try to swipe all the way to the right in the fitness app, there should be a GPS on/off option.


@Dotsfar, Thanks for your reply…swiping towards right side brings position on/off switch,which i toggle to on,which keeps GPS to on.But this is not solving the problem.
I again flashed Ticwris Max TICWRIS_MAX_V1.9_20200713_20200712_072642.zip to my Lemfo LEMT to work as Ticwris Max but after doing all necessary steps as guided by our knowledgeable friends here in various threads…no success in FITNESS app >Outdoor Bike GPS enabled with distance covered & map.Please suggest me any other Biking app which can be installed on this watch.
Many many thanks in advance.
Best regards.

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Thanks Dr_Andy_Vishnu
Any Biking app from your library…kindly suggest name.
Best regards.

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Sorry . I thought there was a biking option in menu . Have you tried strava ?

Yes,i tried Strava…but presently i am using Komoot prem. on this watch which gives good results.
Best regards.