Ticwris Max firmware update 1.6 files

does anyone have the 1.6 firmware? when i run the wireless update, it just reboots my watch and then gives me an “Error”. i was going to flash it manually, but the only firmware i can seem to find is 1.2 or 1.9

Do a search for Ticwris Max firmware on this forum and you will find it.
Before you ask, the search feature is at the top of the page on the right.

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i’ve been searching for it already. i have not found anything related to the 1.6 firmware. i have already seen the posts about the Lem-T to Ticwris firmware flash and other posts. i am already on v1.2, and my auto update isn’t working.

I do not own this watch but I did a search for it before posting my response and easily found the latest firmware for this watch, 1.9 on this forum. By doing your own research it reduces the workload on the moderators.

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Jonathan, please re-read my post. i am not looking for 1.9. i am looking for 1.6. anything after 1.7 has been buggy.

Good luck.