Ticwris Max and VERIZON

Hi everybody long time lurker here. So I really want to pull the trigger on the ticwris max (lemfo lemT) but need to be able to use a Verizon sim card. Has anyone been successful at this? I have asked all vendors, multiple forums and Verizon themselves but no one can give a straight answer.
Here are the bands the watch works on:

TDD LTE : B38(2600MHz),B39(1900),B40(2300),B41(100)
FDD LTE : B1(2100),B2(1900),B3(1800),B5(850),B7(2600),B12(700),B17(700),B20(800)
TD-SCDMA : B34(2100),B39(1900)
WCDMA : B1(2100),B5(850),B2(1900)
GSM : B2(1900),B3(1800),B5(850),B8(900)

It does not utilize band 13 unfortunately yet it uses band 2. From what I understand B2 is more for support. Have any of you actually been able to make the watch work with Verizon??? Thanks for the help and thanks for the information already available here. You guys are awesome.

All these watches work on the GSM network. Verizon uses the CDMA network unless something has changed? Thus they will not work. The same with Sprint before they joined with T-Mobile. I use Speed Talk Sim cards in my watches. They run on the T-mobile network and can be purchased on Amazon for a $5 fee for thirty days, $.02 per minute text mb. They also offer other plans if you need more service than the 250 minutes etc.

LTE is the great equalizer. Verizon only gets LTE bands 2, 4, 13, & 66. The only common band with any of these full android watches is LTE band 2 and unfortunately, not every tower will broadcast with that band so, coverage will be spotty at best.

As mentioned, Verizon started with a different technology (CDMA) and had to manually approve any device used on their network. Generally, unlocked devices that were not branded Verizon were not approved. CDMA did not utilize sim cards. It was only when Verizon moved to LTE did they start to utilize sim cards.

So, GSM (T-Mobile and ATT in US), and their derivatives, MVNOs that ride on these networks (Speedtalk, Mint, Ultra, Red Pocket, etc) is your best bet for any type of consistent and stable service.

Thanks for the info, love the YouTube Channel as well

Thanks for the detailed reply! I downloaded an app to check the specific bands my local towers use and unfortunately they use 13 and 66. Looks like the watch wont work Verizon where I live. No I need to decide if it’s worth it to use with just wifi capabilities. I really liked the idea of leaving my phone at home…The alternative of getting a speedtalk sim would work but having to deal with 2 phone numbers sounds annoying for the people texting/calling me. They would never know which number to use. First world problems lol.

Does anyone know what is holding back these Chinese manufacturers from including band 13 and/or 66? I assume its a hardware issue and they need to cater to the greatest number of people in the world (GSM). Thanks again.