Three alternative OS to Android OS

First OS is SailfishOS

Second OS is Tizen OS

And Third OS is Postmarket OS

What do you guys think?

Wow, I didn’t know about PostmarketOS, it’s very cool, but not for a smartwatch…

Well crap, either way pocketmarket is will be cool to explorer

Maybe Lemfo will allow someone to Port or build either tizen or sailfish on their devices

Sorry, but tizen is rubbish. It’s much to limeted, not even whatsapp is working. There are just a few Apps, since years now. Tizen was the reason for me to make full android work on my “Samsung gear s watch” two years ago.

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Looks like its Sailfish then

I do not see what added value that should bring us.

I wanted to get my hands on the Gear S just to put stock Android on it! It was so cool at the time :heart_eyes:

What do you have now or what’s your new wanting?

I’d buy the LEMFO LEM T if I had money haha but right now I’m just using the LEM7

Why not the Lem10 is more suitable and 3/32 GB is the top full Android SW.
So Iscle what’s going on with the open Watch project or a Universal Rom for this watches, nothing yet

Nothing wrong with 10 I would prefer the 2.03 or higher screen.

I do own the LemX and Thor 4 pro larger screen and I do prefer the Thor 4 pro, but in the beginning I like square watches not rectangular but they have small display 1.54" no good for me, but at least the Lem10 looks like the Apple watch and bigger I would prefer like straight square design but the Chinese always try to copy and there no is nothing else, today is sale on AliExpress Lemfo store and I will try to get the Lem10. Even I am a big guy 6.6"

Yeah ive considered the Lem10. Not sure if I want a smaller one. I was just told that the new one will have a 3gb +32gb version of the Lem T