Thor pro 4G charging cable

I do have now the second Thor watch, the new one is a Pro 4 G, with brown leather strap.
The charging is different to my first on, not a bracket anymore. now is a straight row of 4 contacts with two magnets, one at each end.

I have forgotten to disconnet the watch overnight, and the next morning this contact cabel has melted.
No contact anymore. I have ordered 3 months+ ago a new cabel in China (Banggood). It never arrived in Namibia.
Does someone by luck know, where I can get a cabel like on the picture, i.e. in Europe? My brother lives in Germany, from there to Namibia its a safe way. and be prepared to pay up to 5 usd with paypal. send them inquiry.

I would open the back to check for possible shorting; the cable did not melt for no reason.

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That’s dangerous… isn’t there any protection circuit on the battery of these watches??

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When I took off the watch from the cable it was working for a day, as usual. .
Do you mean I have to open the whole back plate, with the 4 screws?
My feeling is that the watch was fully loaded and than overheated.
But thanks for the email. And 5 US is nothing, to get my Thor 4G back to work

It is even possible, that I have damaged the cable by taking it off from the watch and the cable head was still ok at this moment.
I only realized the damage when I tried to put the watch on the charger. This one and a half day the cable was connected via USB.
I have contacted Zeblaze now, will keep you informed.
And thanks for the help.

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possibly. watch shouldn’t overheat in such way that it melts cables

Just got an automatic reply from China: 70 Years of China = 7 days public holiday.
The will be back in office on the 8th. . Lets see.

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If someone is interested in the link from Aliexpress, here it is:

Wow, In Namibia is still the 7th, and from Zeblaze in China already a reply, Amelie.
Very friendly, with a link to Aliexpress.
But I still try to get one from either South Africa or within Europe.
Post from China will not arrive in Windhoek.
I will now deal with Amelie.
After months now a light at the horizon.

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The charging cable (s) are finally in Namibia. I have ordered 2 from AliExpress to Germany.
Thanks to my brother in Germany, these cables finally made the way via a helpful tourist to Namibia where they arrived on Monday.
Now I can use my Thor Pro 4 again.
The only problem *(still) is the “flat tyre” screen.