Thor 5 firmware

Hi does anyone have Zeblaze Thor 5 official firmware?

According to a moderator in another post Zeblaze watches are not supported on this Forum. Sorry

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According what I see in this part of forum it’s possible to give someone a link😉maybe pm? I see Thor 4 Thor pro etc so where is the problem? Why you all ban zeblaze? I thought it’s forum for full android smart watches? Is it hard or you can get ban for such a small help?

Oh, it’s not that zeblaze is banned here. We just don’t have any cooperation with this company, because they are not intrested. That is why we can only offer very limited help, as we do not receive any more detailed information about the watches. We also do not receive any samples, which makes support almost impossible. Nonetheless, we try to help as long as it comes to general questions.
However, you will need to contact Zeblaze for the firmware.


Have you tried e-mailing Zeblaze for help?

Haha . I had no idea you were a comedian :rofl::rofl: . Great joke :rofl::rofl: