Thor 4 camera issue

Hi everybody!

I’m Giuseppe from Italy, i just received this watch but the camera doesn’t work at all: when I try to start it then it returns a message saying that it can not connect to the camera and asks for close all app that could use the camera or the flash (!).

trying to solve the issue i have also brick the watch (with a unlucky factory reset) but later, thank to your guides in the forum, I reinstalled the firmware and now it works again except for the camera that still have the issue above.

Any idea to solve this problem?

tanks in advance!


(…sorry for my poor english)

g77 if you flashed the watch and problem continue it is a problem with the camera, i’m sure someone else had this issue just do’nt remember where and what was the solution, do’nt try to fix it or do anything with it, i think you should contact the seller and ask for replacement again it still accur after you flashed the watch, try a reset of the watch again and see what will happen, it is weird that reseting of the watch bricked it cos it should not have happened.

Oh thank you!
Yes, I could give back the watch and ask for a replacement but it took 1 month for shipmemt and I can not guess how many time it needs to go and back…i don’t want wait again.

If camera doesn’t work… no problem…may be a future update will fix this issue…

Many thanks again


Ehm…stop it!

Issue solved (at least for my watch).

It was only the loose camera connector, no software issue as I thought at first.
I can not stay with my hand in my pocket!

Hereafter the procedure I found to fix it;

1 - unscrew the 4 screw on the back and the one of the sim holder
2 - gently remove the back cover paying attention to the sim holder connection wire, no need to disconnect it, only put gently to the side
3 - gently remove the battery paying attention to the battery connection wire, also here no need to disconnect it, only put gently to the side. Don’t found battery glued so removing it has been simple
4 - you find now a metal plate taken in place by 2 screw. Unscrew them and gently remove the metal plate.
5 - now you can see all the connectors to the main board of the watch. Just gently push down to the camera connector to ensure contact. Avoid to use metallic tools, prefer plastic tools with little rounded tip.
6 - replace and tighten screws of the plate, replace battery, replace the back cover and tighten screws.

Actually I don’t know wich is the camera connctor so I push down all of them. I think it is one of the two connector nearest to the camera but can not be sure.

So far the camera works.

Hope it can be helpful.