Thor 4 battery replacement success

Hello crew…
I have teplaced the battery on the THOR 4 DUAL.
It now turns on…
But I have a problem.

When I connect it to the charger, it does not charge and instead, just turns off the watch.

Any thoughts, ideas, direction would be great.



Is it an original battery? It seems like the charge controller is not the right one. This is soldered onto the battery cell.
I personally would try to use the original battery charge controller.


If you do need a original battery try this

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Thanks for the fast reply guys…

Yes, I purchased the original battery from Aliexpress.
In fact, it was from the same source you provided as a link.

What do you mean “charge controller”?
Do you mean the actual charge cable?

Thanks again crew,

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If you remove the upper glue on the cables, you will notice that a small board is soldered between the cable and the battery cell:

I personally would try to solder the original charge controller including the original cable to the new cell.
I’ve done this with hundreds of Samsung Gear s SM750.


After 6 months of owning the watch, it no longer allowed charging.
The battery was dead and I could not charge it.
I thought this was a battery problem, so I purchased a new factory battery and installed it myself.

I still have the same problem…
Because of this, I dont think swapping out the battery board would make a difference.

Do you know what the charging pin contacts on the back of watch are?
What is power and what is data?

I am begining to think there was nothing wrong with original battery and perhaps it is a problem somewhere along the “charging tracing” inside the watch…maybe a short somwhere.

When I connect watch to charging cable, the watch turns completely off.

There is a hard reset pin button, on the side of the watch.
Do you know how to hard reset the watch using this pin button?

Thanks so much for the help,

It is definitely NOT a hard reset button. Please either use the “Reset Equipment” option or, if this should still work, flash the firmware. However, I don’t think either of these two ways will solve your problem.
Can you rule out that the charging cable is defective? Or the charger?
I do not know the pin assignment of this watch. The charging contacts are usually on the outside. However, this is quickly determined when you check the charging cable with a measuring device.

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