This will be my last face until my own watch arrives.

This will be my last face until my own watch arrives. Based off the idea of my previous illusion watch face. Hope you all enjoy.


Wait, What!? You dont have still a watch? :smiley:

Nope, waiting for my D6 to be delivered. Shouldn’t be long, as I got it coming express.

When you DO get your D6, please play some more with the morie effect. It can go off in many tangents from subtle to wild, all by adjusting speed and transparency. Great work you are producing without a watch on your wrist!

These were not created with the moire effect in mind, but now that you have sparked that interest I have about 15 new watch faces with all different kinds of effects that I will drop the moment I acquire my own device. Thanks for the support :smiley:

@Inceptual_Games Welcome to our web said the spider to the fly…

Tick Tock, @Inceptual_Games ! Got your watch yet? I’ll be closing out the month this Thursday for the grand march of May 2016 developer watch faces over on YouTube. Your Moire effect teasers are begging to be included, at least a couple of them. Any chance?

@SmartWatch_Ticks I could probably give a couple to you for testing, as long as they can stay confidential for now. I want to make sure the effects work before releasing as I don’t want to make multiple revisions for different faces. I hope you understand that. I will upload a passcoded rar file for you tomorrow.

Sure, I can look them over and give you feedback. Sure will be nice when you get your watch!