This watch is a homage to "IK Colouring" watch i bought on ebay (or

This watch is a homage to “IK Colouring” watch i bought on ebay (or amazon) a couple of months ago. It is an automatic watch.

This i a first draft. It may be improved (moving gears etc.)

So, as long as it is “transparent”, it was kind of a challenge to reproduce it ! So… if you wanna share with me, you’ll have to share a piece of my own skin too ;o)

Take care !

PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY (please, please ! ;o)

Designing faces takes a lot time and most of you know that… By the way, all the faces I (re)design are FREE and always be. Whatever they are original or homage to existing watches.

SO IF you like them please consider a donation as a “paiement” to any association YOU like…
I like :

Please, please… give 2$, 3€, 5£… whatever !

Here is the file I GIVE you:


I have the original one… Now its time to apply the same on my K8.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Hello. I also have the original black one. I’ll try to make a hi-def photo of it, so i can improve the design of that one. making the gears and the wheel move is a challenge ;o)

Sounds good…

Hey, nice job you did.

I don’t use watchmaker anymore (i tryed it anyway) because i don’t have an “androidwear” watch. Only “Android” So i’m more limited.
Beside that i got the “black” version of this IK watch which is more “simple” (no roman digits, no “diamonds”, etc.)

But… would you share the PDF file anyway ?

Thank you so much! I have an lk Colouring watch, same as your photo.

I’ll try to improve it when i’ll be back from holidays… Would be fun to make the “weight” turn slowly like once per hour… and making the gear move too…
All this stuff takes so much time ! ;o)