This watch face is " STARGATE " inspired.

This watch face is " STARGATE " inspired.
Credits to:

Completely created by my friend JAKO…using
Linkscape, Gimp,Gedit .



What is the “jako”? Anyway the picture is from MGM. Link please to stargate/MGM site.

ok zsolt …done .credits to MGM .And what about JAKO? Jako is a friend of mine . The same person that has realized the LUPIN III theme watchhface.

Stargate, my favorite show. The center is great. Is it animated. I hope u don’t mind if I borrow ur idea. I’m going to just use the center lock rings and gate fx. And animate it. Wow that will be mesmerizing.

Nice event horizon animation.
For my Ancient Fire design I used the statgate lock rings with 12 points instead of 9 so it suits a watch better.
I’m currently rejuvenating some of my old skins. I’m also animating the chevron locks.
Since my original design here: is included stock on the X5, LEM5, KW88 and DM368,
I thought I’d improve it for the good people of this forum.

@Andrew_Somers ​ that’s great news. Thanks Andrew :slight_smile:
Thanks @Andrea_Abele ​ for sharing :+1: