This time i have made for you the: Ulysse Nardin El Toro

This time i have made for you the:
Ulysse Nardin El Toro.


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A nice one. Thanks for sharing!

@G1NT0N1C Thanks!!!
You’re welcome.

It looks nice. Thanks.


I do not understand but second and battery are not work. Left and right bottom digits disappear

missing/deleted image from Google+

I think you have a Kw stock watch
This watchface is only working on a X serie watch or you must install universal launcher on your watch to get it work.

@Jurgen_Oberst Thanks!!!

@bricky_vl firstly thanks for information.

actually I do not know which I have ROM but my watch zeblaze Thor 4 plus with android 7.1.1 version.

Take a look at this
Easy to follow guide on how to install and setup Universal Launcher
and all the watchfaces that are on this community will work on your watch.

and you can download it from the playstore.

Thanks again.I will install it.

@ALICAN_ONEL You’re welcome!!

Nice. Do you remember my black version?

@Jacek_Klodzinski Thanks!!
but no i had not seen it before :blush:.
In black it is also gorgeous .

the watch is really beautiful, but being a zip file i cant install…even if i have renamed it as .watch extension

@Pippo_Olimpio please notice our community name. Nothing here in this community will work on your android wear device. This community is for full android watches.

I don’t understand… Some people say that it is only necessary to change the extension of the file from .zip to .watch, but it doesn’t work

And I have Android 7.1.1 version on my smartwatch

Which watch do you own?