This is the Lupin III theme .

This is the Lupin III theme .
Credits to Monkey Punch :

Thanks to my friend Jako done with: Inkscape, Gimp from original pictures using CSM.
download link:


@Andrea_Abele this is great
Couple of questions:
Did you convert this from a .watch file ?
If so - who made the original - Jako?

No this is completely done from Jako starting from web pictures

Ok - using Clockskin Maker or what ?
The internal structure seems different to usual CSM faces…
Very grateful though - thank you for sharing :slight_smile:
I love animation.

The .xml file was completely hand writed without using any standard file.

Moved to Current x series section. That fully compatible to CSM.

@zsolt_m thanks mate

@Andrea_Abele thanks for the info :slight_smile: