This is my take on a request from Hans Kazan :

This is my take on a request from @Hans_Kazan : The Pulsar Solar Rally PZ5031X1.

Credits go to:
Download Link:

Since there is no support for chronometer in clockskin format, the chronometer hands are replicating the minutes and seconds hands. The H-to-L semi-circle shows battery available.

This watchface was 100% made on WFD. No other tools or images were used.



Very nice on my zeblaze thor pro. Thank you…

@Marco_Ferreira Thanks a lot man! Looks very nice and works perfectly!

is this available in stock launcher,

@Pe_Lo Yes it is

Yes. At least on x5 stock launcher. Haven’t tried it on kingwear stock launcher

I have an allcall w1, when i try to download it it is not zipped when i unzip it to a folder it only transfers 2 xml files, I must be doing something wrong, noob

@Pe_Lo that’s strange. I’ve just checked it and the download link is working correctly…

Hello … I think you are doing a great job … I think it will be a big number in the future with the Watchfaces. You also make very good faces. Is there any way the “WatchFaceDesigner.jar” on an Android tablet Although there is java emulator … But that tells me … Manifesto is broken.
It would be cool if it could work on a tablet …
Greetings Kris

Hi, love this face! Tried to put on lemfo lem6 but watch tells me file type not supported. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Great work!

@Kyle_Hays Have you unzipped the files? That’s the only problem I could think of.

@Hans_Kazan thanks for the quick response. Sorry I am new to smart watches and all this. I downloaded, went to file manager on watch, went to “downloaded” and clicked file. Thought there would be a unzip option. Only says unsupported. Probably missed a step somewhere. Appreciate the help!

@Kyle_Hays Okey, so the problem is probably that you have to unzip the files before you download them. You could do that by clicking unzip files on the map that contains the watch files.

@Hans_Kazan okay, again sorry for veing a noob but cant find anywhere to do that from the watch. When I click the original download link there is only a “download” option from google drive that the link directs me to for download. Any ideas?

@Hans_Kazan I was able to unzip on my phone and Bluetooth the files to the watch, but not sure where to put the files so the face will show up. I cant find the file for the existing faces

@Kyle_Hays There must be a folder caller ‘clockskin’ or something like that. Copy/Paste the files into that folder and reboot the smartwatch. The skin should appear between the other watchfaces.

@Hans_Kazan you can also go to the play store and install an app called ClockSkin Transfer. After you have it installed you can just open the zip file from the file manager and ClockSkin Transfer will install it correctly. You can also use it to install watchfaces from your PC or phone, provided both your watch and your PC/phone are connected to the same WiFi network.

@Marco_Ferreira thanks, I did the clockskin transfer. My phone says it is installed on the watch, but it doesnt show up. Tried to do it from the watch and cloakroom transfer says it is an invalid file. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Also the plus sign for additional watch face download on the watch and the app store on the watch just say loading but never load anything. Any ideas?

@Hans_Kazan I looked in every folder and sub folder, cant find anything for the clockskins

I figured it out. I just created a clockskins folder and copied to it and voila. Problem solved. Thanks for all the help