This is an HOMAGE to the Sinn watches.

This is an HOMAGE to the Sinn watches.

The original can be found here :

PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY (please, please ! ;o)

Designing faces takes a lot time and most of you know that… (This one was quick, “only” three hours !)

By the way, all the faces I (re)design are FREE and always be. Whatever they are original or homage to existing watches.

SO IF you like them please consider a donation as a “paiement” to any association YOU like…
I like :

Please, please… give 2$, 3€, 5£… whatever !

Here is the file I GIVE you:

DAY version :


I tryed twice to repost a “bell and ross” watch. I did follow the rules… but never suceeded :frowning:
I give up.

Thank you for this clockskin! I have made a little change though, I have made the blacks real black so that it is even more beautiful on an oled screen.

Nice! Thank you…

@Lokifish_Marz oh, I see. Thank’s for the answer and the advice. I will follow the rules and i will be patient ;o) take care.

@Ronald_Jansen I don’t have ANY watch yet (waiting for my D5+ on it’s way) so i may make some adjustment’s too, but i usually don’t like pure black nor pure white… but as long as pure black drains the battery less … that’s a win-win if it is also nicer !

Nice!! Can somebody make this for a KW88 in apk.