THIS IS A WARNING - READ IT PLEASE !! Tonight I will be going

Tonight I will be going through here with our moderator team and removing anything that has been copied from other designers. I have been over this time and time again and certain members just think “oh don’t worry - they won’t do anything about it”
Well - I am giving you fair warning now. Remove the copied work or you will be BANNED !!
We are very unhappy when a mod from another forum comes on here to tell us about infringement of this type.
Anything copied from another face site like watchawear, facepro, or any similar. If you do not get permission you cannot use it !! THIS STOPS NOW.!! If I find them still here and have to come and find your posts - you will be banned.

See this from @Ken_Van_Vliet

Haven’t looked over here for awhile. Curious if the Mods here know this or not…, You guys do realize all the posts crediting are not proper correct? The guy steals everyones faces and uploads them without our consent or mention. He hasn’t made a single face on there. Meanwhile he refuses to remove faces when the original creators ask him to. Just thought I would share since obviously you guys think you found your loophole for free art lol

Ok, in a few hours I will have the members name and so this is the last chance to get it sorted…
I’m locking the thread now before someone else asks me a completely unrelated question.
I’m at the hospital now with my son and so there is time to put things right. I will check it again in around 10 hours.
Pablo and the moderator team.