The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Battery Drain

I Hope :grimacing:

So here we go :-

Run and install this

Run and install this

Turn off watch and charge to 100% not 99% ( make sure turned off ) - Your battery reading will never be true ! The only way you truly know it is at 100% is when it says so and you have charged it much longer than required ( ie overnight ) . I can charge mine to 100% then leave overnight switched off , put back on charge and battery 56% ? .

Delete the two apps ( clear cache / app data first )

Look in your wifi settings ( make sure that all sections in advanced are unchecked ( A Section In Here Can Be Turned On Without You Knowing When You Use GPS and can stay on even after you have turn GPS off - If battery drain returns keep checking this )

In uninstall apps section look at all the google stuff ( playstore / location / maps etc ) . Clear ALL data / cache and ignore warnings ( dont worry about this ) . Do not delete these apps ! . If battery drain returns do this again .Keep doing the usual stuff like closing apps after use / keep bluetooth , wifi , gps off unless using them .

I also turned off auto sync on GMail although i only did this as a precaution .

All of the above i find will give me upto 24 hours battery depending on watch face i use ( some use a lot more battery than others )

My daily settings for the above results are :-

Erics Launcher
Bluetooth off
Wifi off
Gps off
Hand raise on
Screen 50%

I hope this helps everyone as it has helped me . Would love to hear your results .

Kind regards

Dr Vishnu

Thanks to Dr Tony Bunn and Nameless

May 29, 2017 7:30:09 GMT 1 Tim And Pierce Collins said:

nice job:)


Proper Google Services??

Jun 7, 2017 6:05:53 GMT 1 manatorrr said:
Proper Google Services??


Tim And Pierce Collins Nice post mate. Thanks

Your welcome :+1:

Thank you very much. I was going to return my LEMFO LES1 but I will try your suggestions and hold off a bit.


Hope it works out


Aug 15, 2017 6:46:45 GMT 1 Tim And Pierce Collins said:
Hope it works out


is your watch rooted? 

Mine no ? Why ?


Aug 15, 2017 9:40:23 GMT 1 Tim And Pierce Collins said:
Mine no ? Why ?


with root you can monitor the watch better and see what actually is draining the battery, i love wakelock detector, are you using iphone or android?

on my x3+ and my d5+ i had battery issues when the watch was on 3g with wifi and BT and even gps not much, is it the same with the les1/thor?

I now how a Finow X5 Air and all is good !

Battery really good etc . Still no GPS though ?

Not rooted and no intention of rooting


May 29, 2017 7:30:09 GMT 1 Tim And Pierce Collins said:
Spero 😬

Eccoci qui: -

Esegui e installa questo

Esegui e installa questo Store / apps / details? Id = com.newagetools.batcalibra

Spegni l’orologio e carica al 100% non 99% (assicuratevi spento) - La lettura della batteria non sarà mai vero! L’unico modo in cui lo sai è al 100% quando si dice così e lo hai pagato molto più a lungo del necessario (cioè durante la notte). Posso addebitare la mia al 100% poi lasciare la notte spenta, ripristinare la carica e la batteria del 56%? . Tutto quanto sopra trovai mi darà fino a 24 ore di batteria a seconda della faccia da guardare io uso (alcuni usano molto più batteria di altri) Le mie impostazioni quotidiane per i risultati di cui sopra sono: - Erics Launcher Bluetooth off Wifi disattivato Gps off mano aumento Screen 50% Spero che questo aiuti tutti come mi ha aiutato. Mi piacerebbe sentire i tuoi risultati. Cordiali saluti Vishnu Grazie al dottor Tony Bunn e Nameless Mi piacerebbe sentire i tuoi risultati. Cordiali saluti Vishnu Grazie al dottor Tony Bunn e Nameless Mi piacerebbe sentire i tuoi risultati. Cordiali saluti Vishnu Grazie al dottor Tony Bunn e Nameless

I want to follow your suggestion on my les1, but the first link does not work.

Updated . Try it now :wink:

Ok thanks :+1:

I have a LEMFO LES1 and am only getting 6 to 8 hours of battery usage. Can someone please post the links to rooting the watch? Thanks in advance,


So… resolved the draining? Anyway which app? because I did not find those indicated above.
That you!

Thanks Doc, I’ve tried this guide. My d7 was barely survive 5 hours, its improved to 1% / 9 minutes or about 15 hours battery life, everything is off except Bluetooth and watchdroid. But prior to these procedures, i’ve disabled all google’s app, and haven’t delete the 2 battery apps that you’ve mentioned just wondering if i repeat these procedures will I get better an better results?

To be honest this post is so old it was more relevant with older watches that was available then . I dont recall it being any better if you ran the process over and over again . I’m unsure what a D7 watch is . Is it a old A5 watch ?