The Two Faces of Dan Henry - Model 1970

One of the relatively new boutique brands from China - bold and colorful!
Its case back makes an interesting watch in and of itself.







Very nice indeed doubledad! :+1: I remember thinking about buying a Dan Henry for my collection, but as usual other things (And other watches! :laughing:) popped up and I never got back to it. But I just re visited the web page and I rather fancy the 1939 Military Chronograph…but what a shame it doesn’t have this case back! Naturally I had to download that Case back zip, it looks smashing (And I have been in a hard helmet diving suit in my early Naval days…forcibly put there as an “Initiation” prank by some Senior hands! :rofl:) But I like the way you have made the case back into a watch face…very imaginative indeed doubledad! Cheers, Doons

Ya know, Doons, I didn’t even see the diver’s helmet on the octopus until you pointed it out! We make a goo team and - BTW - what is the date of your July birthday?

Well I was not born on the 4th of July! :sparkler: So I completely missed out on Independence day! :cry: But I was born on the 14th of July, so that makes me a guest at Bastille day! :rofl: I pity that Octopus wearing that helmet, because believe me, those things are damn heavy! Especially on a skinny little ordinary seaman! :woozy_face: Cheer’s, Doons

Well, mine is the 26th… Thought we could crack the “Madman’s” cage to celebrate together if only we shared a common date…

"Crack a Madman’s cage together?! Well in a way you are right because it probably would take the two of us a while to get it open! :laughing: But I thought you were asking me so that you would know the correct date to send me the Dan Henry! :cry: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons