The touch is crazy

This is the watch I’m telling you that is referenced in many brands but the chipset is mtk6739 and the firmware I think starts at Z35 from what I saw on the vendors, since they use many brands for the same smartwatch, do you think you can fix the firmware for him at least to solve the problem of the touch, I wait, thank you.

This appears to be a Lockmat Z28? I do not see any posts under Lockmat referencing this particular watch. The current firmware on the watch, will be available under Settings/About.

Yes it is but it is also Lemfo les4 and other brands I have seen, I just wanted a software that would help me solve the problem of touch on the screen that does not obey the touch, you don’t need to respect the brand it can be from others, as soon as you have it mtk6739, I can try blinking to see the result. :thinking:

I wonder what you are trying to express with this picture…

That this smartwatch has several brands and then it must have several firmwares, to see if it solves the touch problem.

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Hi can you tell me where I can find the touch screen for this smartwatch so it might solve the touch issue, thanks.

For what all these watches cost i wouldnt bother trying this . Its a difficult job and will be expensive if you can obtain the parts


hello everyone, now that I bought the Lemfo Lem P I have more time to dedicate to the smartwatch that is in the image, because I would like to try to put a new screen but I can’t find it, could you help me, I would appreciate it.

I appreciate english is not your first language . Are you wanting to change the watchface ?


He wants to change the screen, I guess. @Fernando_Monteiro : Maybe you will find one on aliexpress, but I don’t think so. But it’s really hard to change it- nearly impossible, I guess…


Yes exactly, but I can’t find any equal, maybe similar but not equal.

Hi . If you want to change the watch screen ( hardware ) as mentioned by @G1NT0N1C i would not even attempt this .

If you are wanting to change the clockskin ( watch face ) there are hundreds on this forum


But why not try? I already disassembled and disconnected and reassembled and nothing was damaged except the touch that was already having problems.

You are right. It might worth a try if you knows what you are doing. But the problem will be to find a replacement screen. I couldn’t find any.

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because the problem is really this, can you get me the email from Lokmat smartwatch? maybe I can get through them since it’s a smartwatch of theirs.

They don’t have any spareparts, sorry.