The Nava Ora Lattea Nero. Minimalism at it's best

The Nava Ora Lattea Nero. Minimalism at it’s best. To create a watch that is more simple than this one, you have to stick a branch in the sand, while the sun is shining…



Works with all launchers. Please dont ask me to add stepcounter, battery, heartbeat, date, etc. Thx. :wink:

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Perfect MNML. :slight_smile:

@Jozsef_Gorbe :slight_smile:

@tim_Collins :rofl:

Nice job this will save a lot of battery power

@bricky_vl yes, I think so, too…

@G1NT0N1C very cool :slight_smile:

Can you add weather, steps and batterymeter?
And make it analog?

just kidding :wink:
I like this one.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Jep, and I think about more colors, heartrate and a date…

@G1NT0N1C different and cool thank you