The Klokers Klok-02 Klink-01 revision B Made some changes on the original.

The Klokers Klok-02 Klink-01 revision B

Made some changes on the original.

Hours, minutes and seconds are the same as the original watch.
Added month and date and a niffy power bar.

As usual made 100% in WFD, no other tools used.

Made for Eric’s Universal Launcher

Credits: /

Have Fun!


Very super! Can I have a request?
Can you produce the previous red indicators?
Many thanks.

How can I download this face please on my LM7? New to the group and Android Watches Thank you🤙

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp help :slight_smile:

@Jozsef_Gorbe The Red one:

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@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Many thanks to my Friend.

where can I download WFD? Thank

link not working
resend link


You put your sweat and time into it. And it’s just not fair demanding to give the links all the time. But boy you have tons of broken links. Anyways every creator can’t spend so much time. I suggest better send links to all your clockskin folder all in one.

No, face-packs are not welcome here. As moderators, we need the ability to check the copyright of each individual post. And I can not check face-packs with hundreds of faces…


@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp looks like a clean guy. Just a folder link means all that he’s made so far which probably had been approved by moderators already…
Anyways links dieing soon is not good. Anything you could think about fixing it.
Is it possible to add a direct upload kinda thing

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@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp can update the links if he has copies. If not, and someone else has a file copy, we can create an alternative download link through the community drive.
I agree with you that he is a fine guy and he enjoys my fullest confidence. But this rule applies to everyone.

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yes the watch watch looks uniq and very beautifull

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