The addiction to create,

The addiction to create, is impossible to stop!

Nice, clean and most of all gorgeous. Thanks to post it.

how to read time?

@Martin_Nijhuis , both red arrowheads indicate the hours and minutes.
The wheels of the hours and minutes turn around.

Thanks… thought so but in making apk I can’t delete the second hand .
It will not compile, have to think of a way to make a transparent second hand or something to make this work for the kw88
If it works I’ll name it Paulo (credits are yours off course)

There’s only one way I can make this work for the kw88 and that is to make the dial aas a second hand but I need it to NOT rotate …so it has to be static.
And that’s something with the kw88 yet to be figured out how.

So it has status >> tbc :wink: for now

@Martin_Nijhuis ​,Tell me Wat you need and I make for you.

@Sergio_Paulo Very kind of you but I already tried different things.
Don’t know if you have read the tutorial of how to make a apk for the kw88 (to much typing to explain here) in this case everything is working but your design doesn’t have a second hand.
The porting of your design to apk requires a second hand or it will not let me compile back to apk.
I thought to trick it and made a transparant second hand (didn’t work) thought of making the second hand just 1 pixel…(didn’t work. When I make the Model_4.png the second hand(rename it to second hand too) it works but it acts (logically) like a second hand and rotates.
If I just could make it steady then its correct and done.

Needs to be said that this is not my computer (mine broke and is repaired and on its way back) so everything I do I miss some thing and searching & installing those things take time .
I’d better wait for my own computer to return before going further.
Just wanted to try as it seemed easy like other cf.

Let me see if I understand. Basically you need two hands, one for minutes and another for hours correct?
If I understand, you need another hand for what, to make the seconds?

Yes… The apk only works with those three hands. So in this case… Your design… I need a static one and as is the case right now the KW88 can’t handle that… Well it can but we don’t know yet how… So is the case with battery… Weather… Temp… Etc etc…
So… I can port your design with three faces but now… Tomorrow that is… I’m experimenting how to make the second hand the static one with what we got.
So that’s why I thank your for offering help but you can’t…
Others then me are working hard to make it possible to add cf like the D5 Or I2… Then we can design cf with gymp and CFM.
that’s were the KW88 is at eighth now.
Sometimes naming me wish I bought the X5 (+) or D5… but hey… I wouldn’t have learned All of this and met nice people and gotta say… It is a beautiful watch…

@Martin_Nijhuis ​,
do not worry I do in photoshop the seconds hand.

Appreciate it but don’t waste your time. As Im trying to say its not going to work.

@Martin_Nijhuis , Okay, but as I had done here goes. Are two, see what best can adapt.

And here’s the complete clock with seconds, minutes and hours.

@Sergio_Paulo1 Your the best but it doesn’t work.
I just fixed a similar problem with the cf of @Febri_Iswanto .
The problem is the clockface is background.
The hour hand is on top of it and the minute on top of that , the second hand at the very top.
With his CF I could place the ring of minutes in the clockface.png. Then I cut out a circle of the hour h and as big as the minute hand. the second hand was of no concern , it only rotates on top.

But with yours I can’t do that and I cant bring one or the other on top because we only have this way of three hands .
I can’t explain this any clearer , you have to read back in history to understand better.
I have downloaded your last one (thank you) and will have try and find a similar trick I did with this other CF just a few minutes ago (seen it?)

Ok, no problem. But I will read for sure, because I’m waiting for the KW98 is for sale to have also with OS 5.1. Thanks @Martin_Nijhuis

@Sergio_Paulo1 Thank you too