The 007 Omega Seamaster with the classic "GoldenEye" Nintendo 64 game digital overlay...

The 007 Omega Seamaster with the classic “GoldenEye” Nintendo 64 game digital overlay…

  • analogue features as on the “Mr Bond”
  • N64 digital overlay
  • radar array with sweep
  • battery charge bars
  • digital hours, minutes and seconds
  • digital day, month and year

This watchskin is available by making a donation and don’t forget to put “GoldenEye” in the subject/reference…

Cool :sunglasses: Mr.Q by Andrew Davis and manyThanks. The middle color in Red or the Radar only in Red color :wink:

@monaco205 The round radar screen in red or the sweep arm in red?

@monaco205 Message decoded… encrypted reply sent…

how can i take this watch? I like so much… thx

@Giuseppe_RITMATICA Hi GR… if you’d like to make a Paypal donation I could send you the link :slight_smile: … don’t forget to tell me the name of the watch(es) you would like

I made it… :stuck_out_tongue: but i don’t find a link

The link has been sent :slight_smile:

@Giuseppe_RITMATICA Let me know if all is okay… :slight_smile:

Andrew, all ok… :slight_smile:

Thank you… :slight_smile: